MangoteQ from Auckland, New Zealand is innovating with Augmented Reality and IoT

We are developing Heads-Up Display (HUD) solutions to provide information to people on the go, and the ability to carry out tasks at hand, with freedom from tether to smartphone or computer.

Welcome to the future!

HUD Shield Logo

Introducing the HUD shield™ range – a truly smart addition to current PPE products, making the job easier and faster for health and essential workers. It is designed to be highly mobile, flexible and deployed fast.

The HUD shield™ is new to the world, essential for this health crisis and well into the future.

2020 has been a pivotal year due to the global pandemic with a lot of soul searching for individuals and businesses alike, with sustenance and sustainability front of mind. For CEO Kal Gwalani watching the news of the spread of the pandemic with health workers in PPE battling it out with the Coronavirus, he recognised a problem to be solved. That eureka moment led to an amazing new development in PPE to make the job of health and essential workers easier and safer. During the pandemic lockdown while NZ was preoccupied with TikTok, he invented HUD shield™ (pat. pending) a truly smart addition to current PPE.


Reyedr HUD logo bright

Introducing the patented REYEDR™ HUD that attaches to your motorcycle helmet and shows you speed, navigation, distance, caller id and more! The device is a true HUD and utilizes the latest in holographic technology to display a virtual image at infinite focus.

The way we access information on motorcycles (through instruments on dashboard) has not really improved since motorcycles were first developed a century ago. AR combined with smartphone computing now provides us with the building blocks to provide key information at eye level for motorcyclists without being distracting or detracting. The REYEDR™ HUD and smartphone App will connect motorcyclists with their machines and enhance their ride experience by delivering crucial information about the bike, route and ride group.