Kal Gwalani
Founder & Director


Simon Waters
Creative & Community Manager


Jens Steinigen
Co-Founder & Director


We have a strong and well balanced team supported by expert mentors and advisors. Kal Gwalani, CEO and Jens Steinigen, CTO are the Executive Directors with the passion, drive and the smarts to deliver this vision.

Kal Gwalani is a passionate motorcyclist and entrepreneur who enjoys travelling to experience the art, design and architecture of different cultures. During his 30 year career he has built up extensive experience in manufacturing, emerging technology products and the automotive sector. He backs his extensive project and business management experience with a special interest in international business development and a business degree.

Jens Steinigen is a huge fan of new technology and gadgets who loves pets, growing and sculpting bonsai. He also enjoys travelling and cooking Asian food. Jens is extremely well qualified with over 10 years of experience as Systems Engineer, Software Developer and BI Consultant.

Simon Waters has been passionate about entrepreneurship since a very young age, which he later combined with his love of technology. He is a Creative Technologist (BCT), specialising in Mechatronics and also into design. He recently started a new degree as Software Developer.