HUD shield™

Smart PPE product range

Introducing HUD shield™

HUD shield™ is a truly smart addition to current PPE products, making the job easier and faster for health and essential workers.

Designed to be highly mobile, flexible and deployed fast. The device features a Heads-Up Display in the face shield (or protective goggles) with onboard cameras and hands-free operation.

Wi-Fi and 5G provide blistering fast data upload and processing. The face shield is of renewable wood cellulose, and product designed for ‘End of Life’ recycling.

HUD shield™ offers…

Detects feverish individuals even those wearing face masks

HUD shield™ for health and essential workers

  • Assists health workers detect feverish individuals, ID for medical records, locate veins for injection.
  • Enhances security at airports and cruise terminals with face ID and concealed weapons detection.
  • Enables contactless logistics at warehouses, and deliveries. Displays GPS navigation for couriers.
  • Helps firefighters detect hotspots and trapped individuals for search and rescue.

Indicates location of veins for intravenous injections or drips

HUD shield™ goggles for Augmented workers & Consumers

  • Brings the functionality of HUD shield™ in a smaller and lighter protective Eye Shield design.
  • Assists police with face ID, number plate recognition, detects concealed weapons, takes surveillance videos.
  • Helps construction and oil rig workers for maintenance scans, with access to and displaying service information.
  • Enhances consumer lifestyles by displaying real time performance data during their sporting activities.