MangoteQ was initially setup to solve a big problem for motorcyclists with our REYEDR™ HUD (pat. 10,747,006) for a safer and smarter riding experience.

During the pandemic lockdown while NZ was preoccupied with TikTok, Kal Gwalani, CEO invented the HUD shield™ (pat. pending) a truly smart addition to current PPE. Designed to be highly mobile, flexible and deployed fast; the device features a HUD in the face shield (or protective goggles) with onboard cameras and hands-free operation. This new concept stems from MangoteQ’s portfolio of AR technology.

Our patented technologies can be applied to several B2B and B2C verticals: e-bikes, defence, health and essential services, enterprise and consumer lifestyle applications. If you need a product for your industry contact us for our ODM services for designing and building HUDs. We’ll work with you on the design of your product from concept to production, manufacture and supply it under a licensing agreement.

MangoteQ is accepting smart investment (Angel/VC) and seeking corporate partnerships to develop our patented technology into an exciting range of Augmented Reality wearables. Reach out to us if you are a smart money accredited investor or corporate investor interested in greenfield global markets.

Our venture is a born-global firm, with operations in Auckland, New Zealand and US office in Rochester, NY. We developed our own IP, in a valuable space and achieved several milestones and international recognition.

MangoteQ’s milestones


  • 2017: REYEDR HUD™ (pat. 10,747,006) proof of concept debut at Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, USA.
  • 2017: Won prestigious award from SID (Society of Information Displays) USA, alongside industry heavyweights Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony.
  • 2018: USAF AF WERX challenge MangoteQ among 6 GAN (Global Accelerator Network) companies picked from 9,500 worldwide!
  • 2019: Won US$ 100,000 from world’s largest optics accelerator Luminate, Rochester, NY, USA.
  • 2020: HUD shield™ (pat. pending) was conceived during the global pandemic for health and essential workers.
  • 2020: MangoteQ selected for Healthtech Supernode Challenge program by ChristchurchNZ.